Puerto Morelos police shut down two land theft attempts


Puerto Morelos, Q. R. — The mayor of Puerto Morelos says that land invasions will not be tolerated and legal consequences will result to those who do so.

The notice was made by municipal head Laura Fernández Piña, who stated categorically that in Puerto Morelos, invasions will not be tolerated and a heavy hand will be applied to anyone who attacks the heritage of local families and investors.

She made the announcement after an attempted invasion occurred on a property two kilometers from the Villas Morelos II subdivision where a group of foreign people began clearing land to delimit the lots.

The mayor said that the municipal Secretariat of Public Security and Traffic maintains permanent vigilance to inhibit this and any other type of crime in the municipality.

“We answered a 911 call that denounced an attempted invasion in the area known as Las Torres in the extension of Zetina Gasca Avenue in which it was indicated that people were cladding a piece of owned land and even already delimiting the lots, so elements of the Quintana Roo Police in Puerto Morelos went to the area,” explained Laura Fernández.

According to the report of the police corporation, on Wednesday morning, the owner of the property who lives in the Villas Morelos II subdivision, requested the intervention of authorities after seeing a group of invaders on her land.

When police arrived, they found nearly 20 invaders clearing brush. They were asked to immediately leave, however, they returned on Thursday. Police went back to the site and ensured they again, they vacated the privately owned land.

“We are going through a critical moment due to the health emergency, just at the stage in which the highest number of cases of deaths from the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus occurs. All our personnel of Public Security and other essential areas of the city council have specific tasks during the contingency, but that will not be an impediment to inhibit acts like that of invasion attempts. We know that there are people who want to take advantage of the circumstance we are going through,” said Laura Fernández.

She stated that the municipal secretary of Public Security and Traffic, Gumercindo Jiménez Cuervo, organizes patrols throughout the municipality and attends to citizens as part of the work to provide peace and tranquility.

Source: riviera-maya-news.com

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