Guanajuato launches e-commerce site to support local SMEs


The Guanajuato government, through the Secretariat for Sustainable Economic Development, presents the site

The objective is to promote local commerce, reactivate the state economy, and the positioning of the GTO (Guanajuato) Brand.

The site serves the state economy through digital commerce by having several local marketplace online platforms where people can shop. The support focuses especially on micro, small and medium-sized companies.

With this initiative, the state government generates spaces for the integration of products, businesses, or services marketed within the whole country. In such a way, that the economic activity of the Guanajuato families is reactivated while the #QuédateEnCasa, which is a priority in the face of the health emergency due to COVID-19, continues to be encouraged.

How does it work?

It is a platform that seeks to support local companies from all productive sectors to enter electronic commerce, as a new way of selling and adapting business schemes.

On the site you will find various sections or platforms where the products are displayed. The strategy includes several aspects of sales: social networks, marketplace, online store, and digitized public markets.


In addition to promoting the GTO Brand product directory, the Industrial directory, and various other services such as online training, the site will promote virtual business opportunities and meetings.

Each associated platform has its own product publication, sale, marketing, collection and delivery schemes,

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