Sinaloa ecotourism and adventure at “7 Gotas” Nature Reserve


Sierra de las 7 Gotas

It is a cerril mountain range located on the slopes of the Sierra Madre Occidental, southeast of the urban spot of Culiacán, and its polygon adjoins the México 15 highway, one kilometer from the community of La Laguna Colorada and the northeast with the highway with the neighborhood El Barrio.

The vegetation is typified as Cadusifolio Tropical Forest, where 208 species were located, of which three are classified in the official Mexican standard, classified under the special protection of species such as Amapa and Guayacán.

Within the fauna there are 22 species in special protection, standing out the mammals like the Deer, the Tigrillo, the reptiles like the Iguana, and the rattlesnake.

Just 10 kilometers from the city of Culiacán, heading east going along the Sanalona highway and just upon reaching the community of El Carrizalejo, two kilometers to the right, is the “7 Gotas” natural park and there On the way to the top of the hill of the same name is the San Antonio waterfall.

A beautiful landscape, especially now that it turns green with the rainy season, suitable for adventure sports, outdoor exercise, and fun with friends or family. 

Organized groups of citizens, including Building Spaces of Peace, Cheerful Parks, SUMA and promoters of hiking and rappelling, seek that 7 thousand hectares of the municipality can be “exploited” in the good sense of the word, through a social project, tourism, sports, culture, and employment for those who live around the ” 7 Gotas “.

The director of Building Spaces for Peace, Javier Llausás Magaña, highlights the potential of the municipality in rural tourism.

“It is about families going from the city to the ‘ 7 Gotas ‘ and being able to camp, be in contact with nature, but also that the people of that community can benefit from ecotourism, especially the new generations.”

He added: “It is about young people having options for recreation, sports, employment, and to stay away from drugs or crime.”

He cited that in common agreement with the ejido and private landowners in the hill and its surroundings, in coordination with the authorities themselves, it is intended to detonate a natural park similar to that of “Cola de Caballo”, in Monterrey, which has restaurants, horse or cart rides, bicycles, suspension bridges, zip lines, among other attractions.


“The mandate we have from Governor Quirino Ordaz Coppel is to be close to civil organizations that are ensuring the economic and social development of the communities that surround the park,” said the state secretary for Social Development, Raúl Carrillo, who accompanied by his two sons attended a family outing organized by promoters of the 7 Gotas park.

Before climbing a kilometer into a cross country, between trees and bushes, the official assured that the three levels of government will provide the necessary help for organizations, community members and ejidatarios to achieve their desire to have a natural, sustainable park and for healthy recreation. of the citizens of Culiacan.


Visiting the extensive mountain of Culiacán leads us to a poetic, fantastic, historical and scientific tone, since it envelops us not only with the majesty of its countless caprices and ravines in whimsical forms, but also with a wide variety of legends.

One of the legends says that this mountain hides a treasure of the very legendary guerrilla Albino García, the treasure was the loot looted from the multiple guerrillas in the era of independence, mainly from the states of Zacatecas and Guanajuato. This daring guerrilla fighter hid the treasure in one of the caves on the Cerro de Culiacán already well known to him; a short time later he died in the city of Celaya, dismembered and exhibited in various parts of the state of Guanajuato, to obtain the treasure you must gather the parts of the guerrilla fighter, take them to the grotto and there give him a Christian burial so a hand will show you where the treasure is. Another legend says that this hill is the mythical Aztlán where the origin of our Mexicanity begins (the sacred place of the Mexicas) and although it has been ensured that other places are really Aztlán the truth is that only this site has fulfilled many of the characteristics of those mentioned in the original documents; It is also mentioned that this hill also has 7 entrances where the same number of tribes “Acolchichimeca”, “Tzauteca”, “Aztecas”, “Malpatiaca”, “Texcalteca”, “Acucuhtinchatun” and “Los Chichimecas” lived. One more legend says that this hill is a dead volcano, the last one to be added to the 7 lights of Valle de Santiago; waiting for the end of the world to erupt.


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