Sinaloa blueberry pickers left unpaid; the crew manager takes the money


Just over a hundred workers, among day laborers, drivers and crews were waiting for ‘the line’ for a week; they estimate that the money exceeds 150 thousand pesos

Los Mochis, Sin.- Laborers dedicated to the picking of blueberries in El Fuerte, were left without the payment corresponding to a week of work, since the person in charge of the crews that work for the Agrícola del Fuerte Fe company, was not reported with the money as he did every week and apparently fled with the check, those affected reported.

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They announced that this person whom they know as Daniel López is in charge of 5 trucks and the people who go and work to collect the aforementioned fruit and who at the end of the day receive the check corresponding to the payment of the week worked at Day laborers, drivers, and crews, however, were no longer reported and who gave the face was his wife who told them that he would not pay them because he fled with the money with another woman.

“Our salary is paid to the person in charge of the trucks, he is Daniel López, he received the check from Wednesday, on Thursday (last week) he paid us and right now it has not been reported, I saw not the wife, because she was also a gang member, said that he fled, that he supposedly went with another woman and that he fled with the money, since he is not going to pay us, “he said.

The little more than 100 day laborers from Compuertas, Las Canteras and other sectors announced that the payment they receive per day worked is 200 pesos, plus extras for making more buckets than they are asked, so they calculate that this person He fled with around 150 thousand pesos, so they ask for the support of the authorities to locate him so that he can deliver the money that corresponds to them.


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