Los Cabos BCS.- The Cabo San Lucas fire department, in recent weeks, has started a campaign to sanitize public spaces in the port.

The campaign included sanitizing bus stops, pedestrian bridges, and streets, in order to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

During that time, they had the consent of the State Commission for the Protection of Health Risks, carrying out the work on a voluntary basis.

However, in recent days, the members of the fire department were attacked by the same society to which they selflessly provide their services, first as firefighters, as paramedics and now sanitizing the city.

The argument of some citizens are that this sanitizing process is not necessary and that it is annoying to carry it out in public spaces.

The situation did not end there since the elements of the fire department have received insults from the citizens, who justify their action in that the pandemic is false and that it is only a government plan, all encouraged in the Fake News.

From words to actions, a driver decided to lunge his vehicle to the volunteers while they carried out their work on one of the streets of Cabo San Lucas.

For this reason, the commander of the fire department reported that during this month of May, there will be no sanitation of public spaces, since the physical integrity of its firemen would be exposed.

In the end, he thanked the support of those who have shown their gratitude for the actions that were implemented.


The Mazatlan Post