Video: Expat community in San Miguel de Allende supports neighborhood affected by the quarantine


In the Guadalupe neighborhood in the municipality of San Miguel de Allende, trucks and cars full of food and fresh food baskets arrive every week to distribute among the residents who have lost their jobs

After the health contingency and the economic crisis hit our country due to the Coronavirus, the Expat and Mexican communities in Guanajuato are supporting their neighbors who lost their jobs.

Since the contingency began, in the Guadalupe neighborhood in the municipality of San Miguel de Allende, trucks and cars full of fresh food and food baskets arrive every week to distribute among the residents who have lost their jobs due to the Covid-19.

“The foreign community maintains constant communication with what is happening in San Miguel Allende, both with Mexicans and with the behavior of those of us who come from another country to this which is our home,” says Cate, an American who participates in various activities to support the people who need it most.

Organic producers bring their lettuces, lemons, carrots and all that fruit that is ready to eat; while farm producers collect eggs and deliver them in bags to more than 100 neighbors who lost their jobs.

“There are whole families who worked on helping with food and dinners for foreigners, and now because of the contingency they can no longer do so, ” said one foreigner.

“There are taxi drivers who no longer have passengers, cooks who no longer have kitchens to work, waiters who no longer have to serve, and dishwashers and have all closed. From the gardener to the ladies who clean the houses, they are out of work, and worst of all, without money to eat, ”says another interviewee.

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