Puerto Vallarta mayor says they are not ready to open yet


The beaches, rivers, squares, the boardwalk, and all public spaces of mass concentration in Puerto Vallarta will continue to be closed to the public, according to Mayor Arturo Dávalos Peña, while calling on the people of Vallarta to continue staying at home.

During the remote town hall session held this Thursday, April 30th, Mayor Dávalos Peña announced that the state governor Enrique Alfaro Ramírez has indicated that on May 15 the possibility of returning gradually will be analyzed, in some municipalities of the state, to the economic reactivation, however, he stressed that for this it is necessary to continue staying at home, using face masks and washing hands constantly and using antibacterial gel.

“For now there is no change. Staying at home will continue (…) and of course we will continue cleaning and sanitizing public spaces. No beaches, no rivers, no boardwalk, no public squares, no sports units, no spaces where people can go en masse. It is not possible yet ”, stressed the mayor.

He said that despite the fact that the operations continue, the police officers cannot act with force but only inviting the citizens to respect the sanitary indications.

“The lifting of the health contingency depends on us staying at home in order to return to normal life. This gradual return on May 15 depends on that. So I ask everything to hold tight, we are in the last stage. If we discipline ourselves, if we comply, if we stay at home, we will have fewer infections, we will be able to support this return to normality as soon as possible,” he concluded.

Source: Vallarta Daily

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