Break-Ins and thefts increase in Mazatlan


Merchants ask for a plan to avoid thefts in closed businesses

So far this month there are 16 cases; they fear that this crime will be triggered in the following days

Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- With the extension of the quarantine by health emergency of the Covid-19, the problem of violence or insecurity may increase further; Jesus Sandoval Gaxiola warned.

The president of the National Chamber of Commerce, Services and Tourism in Mazatlán, stated that the economic crisis due to the lack of employment in Mazatlán due to coronavirus, there is a risk that in the following day’s more thefts could be registered in businesses.

Right now what mortifies us the most is that quarantine the Secretary of Security should have an emergency plan because people are not going to have money since all the hotels are closed and most of the shops.

Jesús Sandoval Gaxiola.

Sandoval Gaxiola revealed that according to data recorded in the Agency Specialized in businesses thefts, so far in April there have been 16 such incidents.

Faced with this situation, they will seek to hold a meeting with the Municipal Public Security Secretariat, to learn about the plan and avoid exacerbating this problem in the city.

We have already considered it, in fact, they also have that in mind, so what we do see is also a lot of security in the streets, where the works are being carried out, Camarón-Sábalo Avenue, what is the Malecon, in the Rafael Buelna, there are quite a few businesses that are closed, and apart from that it looks very empty, but we hope to meet in the next few days 

Jesús Sandoval Gaxiola.

The Canaco Mazatlán leader indicated that these 16 crimes reported for robbery, most correspond to convenience stores, however, the amount could be much higher, since there are those who do not report.

16 shoplifting has been registered so far this month.


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