They deny that a private clinic in Mazatlan charges high fees to patients with Covid-19


Also that the staff is being punished with rest without pay

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- The director of the Clinica del Mar in Mazatlán, Francisco Javier Sauceda, defended that the hospital he represents does not discriminate against anyone nor is he charging high fees to patients with Covid-19.

“We as a health institution, ethically care for the patient who arrives, we cannot deny care to anyone, neither for the type of disease they have, nor for age, nor for the color of their skin, weight or body mass, none of that, “said the director.

He said the above in relation to an anonymous complaint reported to the newspaper by staff of that hospital, in the sense that managers of that hospital charged a very high figure for their hospital stay to patients suspected of Covid-19, while they were doing the studies to affirm or rule out the problem.

The doctor also denied that the staff are being punished with rest without pay.

27 04 Francisco Javier Sauceda

“Right now we have no confirmed Covid-19 patients, only two asymptomatic patients who are in a special area and are those who surely do not want to attend and it is understood, it is human, but it is restricted by our ethics, by our Obligations to deny care to our patients, of course with all the precautions regarding following the procedures where the role that each one has to play is the type of clothing and equipment that they must have, “he concluded.


The Mazatlan Post