Mixtec artisans make mouth covers with palm in Oaxaca


A group of artisans elaborate knitted mouth covers with palm, native to the region.

The scarcity and high prices of face mask in Oaxaca to face the pandemic of the new coronavirus, she led a group of Mixtec women weavers to make their own products with native palm from the region to sell and earn income to support themselves during the pandemic.

Originally from San Miguel Huautla Nochixtlán, women dedicated to weaving and making handicrafts such as hats, tenates, mats, blowers, earrings, rope, and various elaborate figures, found a new use for palm and to face the coronavirus pandemic: to produce masks and sell them to earn income.

In addition to being handcrafted, the mouthpieces are friendly to the environment, since they are washable and easy to disinfect.

Juana López, Serapia López López, and Juana López López elaborate handcrafted mouth masks and report that their palm products only cost 5 pesos, with which they manage to obtain an income to survive economically in the face of the contingency, which has caused tourist destinations to stop being visited because and been closed for 45 days.

The palm is the only source of work for these artisans, who day by day dedicate themselves to working it, from going to cut it, dry it, mature it and later, shape it into hats, mats, and other crafts that they sell to tourists.

Mixtec women’s artisan face masks have already become popular, as they are already sold in the Asunción Nochixtlaán municipality and in the surrounding municipalities, in addition to Huajuapam de León.

According to those who come to purchase the palm face mask, the products are an authentic initiative to face the health contingency and the obligation issued by the state to use it on public roads, since currently in pharmacies there are none in stock and those that are found sell they above 50 pesos or 100 pesos per piece.

Artisans face the coronavirus

Meanwhile, in other regions, indigenous artisans make face masks to support themselves economically by using textiles. Using patterned fabric of traditional and huipil designs, Zapotec artisans in Juchitán de Zaragoza make mouth covers to prevent the spread of Covid-19 and at the same time subsist in their traditional clothing business.

Designers like Fabiola Calvo have also joined the day of making face masks that are sold at low cost. Meanwhile, on social networks, Governor Alejandro Murat appeared together with his wife, showing citizens in a video how to make a homemade mouth mask, with bandanas and garters.

Source: milenio.com, mujermexico.com

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