Uncertainty for Mexican watermelon farmers in Sinaloa


While weather conditions in the Mocorito, Sinaloa, Mexico region have not been ideal for watermelon crops, some producers who got an early start in during the planting season are now working on harvesting the crop.

Martin Espinoza, a grower in the region, informed El Debate, a Mexican news reporting agency, that despite the unfavorable weather conditions, the 4 hectares that his family planted seedless watermelons on was able to yield around 45 tons per hectare for export.

Espinoza also said the first cut yielded around 8 pesos per kilo, while the second yielded around 9 pesos per kilo. Figures which are higher than the seeded watermelon variety.

“If there would have been more sun, we would have probably had more another cut or more tons,” Espinoza said, while also emphasizing that the conditions were not favorable since watermelons liked hot weather and there had been some cloudy days that have not been good for this product.

Espinoza said that this was the first harvest in the Mocorito region, and he sees a stronger harvest coming ahead for both seeded and seedless varieties.

Watermelon is a product in high demand in the United States and Mexico.

In late March, the USDA’s Agricultural Marketing Service reported prices of 18-22 cents per pound on sizes 4-6 on seedless watermelons crossing through Nogales, AZ, from Mexico.

Source: Produce Blue Book

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