Tips for cleaning and disinfecting your home


by Carolina Cuevas Camacho for the Vallarta Tribune

Whether you’re spring cleaning or fighting a cold, the best way to clean house is by disinfecting. As you create your cleaning todo lists for home, be sure to use these tricks for how to disinfect your house, so that rather than just getting rid of the dust and clutter, you’ll be getting rid of the tiny bacterias and viruses lurking on surfaces. With these tips for cleaning your house, you’ll be able to see how home cleaning can help you truly relax and feel healthy in your own space.

Places to Clean

As you start your home cleaning and organizing, it’s important to target certain commonly-touched areas. With antibacterial household cleaning products, disinfect all your doorknobs, faucets, light switches, remote controls, table surfaces, and hard chairs. Throughout your bathrooms and kitchen, be sure to use disinfecting household cleaning products. Disinfecting your home doesn’t have to be done every day, but how often should you clean your house significantly increases when one person is sick. Putting each of these commonly-touched surfaces on your cleaning to-do lists for home is important to fighting disease and infection. If you make wiping down these surfaces a daily practice, you’ll quickly see how home cleaning is one of the first steps to beating the illness.

Products to Use

On a daily basis, many families do their home cleaning and organizing with all-natural, DIY products made with essential oils and vinegar. When it comes to how often should you clean your house, these sorts of products are great for common use, but when someone in your household is sick or there’s a flu going around, you’ll want to amp up the power of your household cleaning products. If you look up how to disinfect your house, you’ll see doctors recommending isopropyl alcohol and hydrogen peroxide as the best way to clean the house.

Many common cleaning wipes and sprays at your local store already have these ingredients, but if you’re looking to make your own, use these chemicals and always wear gloves. While some might suggest using bleach as the best way to clean the house, it is not required or even always recommended. You should avoid bleach when possible, and don’t mix it with anything other than water.

Tips for Cleaning

One of the best tips for cleaning your house is to first wipe down surfaces with soapy water before disinfecting. When it comes to how to disinfect your house, getting the dust and grime off first gives you a better chance of killing germs. Using the best handheld vacuum for pet
hair can be a good option here because it comes with a HEPA filter. As you’re disinfecting your home, many of the products you’ll use have very strong chemicals, so one of the other tips for cleaning your house is to always have good ventilation, especially if you’re in an enclosed bathroom or shower. As you do your home cleaning and organizing, be sure to regularly wash your hands to prevent the spread of germs.

When it comes to how often should you clean your house, disinfecting your home doesn’t always need to be done daily, but during flu season, it’s something that should always be on your cleaning to-do lists for home. Even though wiping down doorknobs and buying stronger disinfectants may seem simple, it’s incredible how home cleaning can be the most important step to fighting illness.

Source: Vallarta Tribune

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