There is another problem in Sinaloa; Dengue cases on the increase


With the hot season and the rains that will soon begin in Sinaloa, it could generate an accelerated growth in the development of Aedes Aegypti, a mosquito that transmits dengue, zika, and chikungunya, warned Dr. Eliseo Ruíz Monobe, Head of the Sanitary Jurisdiction in Culiacán.

For this reason, it recommended that the population of Sinaloa, during the period of isolation at home due to the pandemic being faced, take advantage of the time at home with sanitation and cleaning actions, mainly in patios and fronts of homes.

Salud recomienda acciones desde casa para evitar casos de dengue ...

He explained that it is important to eliminate hatcheries of the transmitting mosquito, throwing away everything that can accumulate water and facilitate the reproduction of the mosquito, from bottles, tires, boats, or any container, as well as washing tubs, tubs and putting a lid on them to avoid so the mosquito places its eggs where clean water is stored.

“It is very important to take advantage of the fact that they are in their houses, registered by this pandemic and clean the patios, roofs where there may be water accumulation, this is very important to avoid the development of the larva, since the season of rains are almost beginning and together with the heat it begins and together with the heat the accelerated development begins with this larva, and it avoids dengue problems and other diseases during this period, ”he indicated.

He emphasized that these actions will help that when the rainy season intensifies there are no cases, and people are healthy without this disease which he recalled may present symptoms such as; high fever, nausea, and vomiting, skin rash, gum blood, general weakness, muscle pain, cough, sore throat, mainly.

It should be noted that, at the last epidemiological cut, a total of 56 confirmed cases of dengue have been registered in Sinaloa, with the highest number of cases in the municipalities of Culiacán with 17, Mazatlán with 8, and Villa Juárez, Navolato, with 7 cases, therefore that the Head of the Sanitary Jurisdiction 4, urged the population not to lower their guard and attend to these simple but very useful recommendations.


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