These are the restrictions that will apply in Mazatlan during the quarantine


Based on the health indications that both the Federation and the State have indicated, to face the present pandemic, the municipality of Mazatlan communicates some measures that will be taken to protect public health.

1. The use of parks and sports spaces for any collective or individual activity, including running or cycling, is restricted. The same applies to public roads. We will urge citizens to stay inside their homes.

2. It is restricted to walk or stay on public roads in groups of more than 3 people.

3. Filters or checkpoints will be installed on main avenues in order to check public transportation, private vehicles, and motorcycles: traveling without masks will not be allowed, no more than three people will be allowed per vehicle, nor two people on a motorcycle.

4. Access to the city of Mazatlan is restricted through the Cerritos (Emerald Bay) and Peche Rice (Descanso Inn) routes, 24 hours a day. The north and south entrances are open.

5. Restaurants and carts will be able to operate at 40% with the corresponding distance between diners. They may also offer delivery service.

6. Food business employees must use mouth masks and all sanitary measures.

7. Public transport drivers will not allow the boarding of users without the use of masks and respecting the healthy distance.

8. All markets and supermarkets should be subject to the sanitary indications ordered by the competent authorities.

Prevención! Instalarán filtros sanitarios de revisión en los ...

The Mazatlan government thanks all citizens for staying at home and respecting sanitary measures, but requests that in this new stage, they make a greater effort to stay home and have masks.

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The following restrictions will apply to the city of Mazatlán

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