Phase 3 of the health alert begins in Mazatlán without medicines


Complainants, mostly people with chronic degenerative diseases, fear to get COVID-19

Mazatlán.-  Mexico entered the third phase of the pandemic due to COVID-19, which increases citizens’ concern, especially when there are no medications in public hospitals, especially at the General Hospital and the Issste Clinic.


Celia Quintero explained that she has been in the Issste clinic for three months not receiving the insulin she needs to keep her disease under control.

She and her husband have diabetes and require four vials of insulin per month. Each one costs them 500 pesos, and it is difficult for them to invest 2,000 pesos, Celia said, annoyed and worried about the shortage of her drug. 

You are afraid of getting COVID-19 and being vulnerable by not following your treatment.

He added that they have gone to the Human Rights Commission to file the complaint, but the office is closed.
While Ernesto Velarde was angry at not finding the drugs januvia and diazepam, it has been several weeks that he cannot supply them.

It is good that the authority is focused on the pandemic that is taking lives across the country, but they forget about patients with chronic degenerative diseases, as hospitals do not supply medicines. 

The same undersecretary of Prevention and Health Promotion, Hugo López-Gatell, repeatedly says that diabetic and hypertensive people should take care of COVID-19, but “we have to go out again and again” to look for medicine and ” we expose ourselves ”, said Velarde. 

Relatives of patients admitted to the hospital spend between one thousand and two thousand pesos on medicines, since there is no one at the institution.


In a tour of the hospitals, after the announcement that Mexico entered the third phase of the pandemic, dozens of users were detected outside the Emergency area, and many without the healthy distance recommended by the director of the General Hospital Héctor Carreón.


The Mazatlan Post