Mazatlan checkpoints average 1,230 units and more than 4,400 people a day


Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- In the two sanitary filters placed at the entrances and exits of the north zone of the city of Mazatlán, as part of the preventive actions of the coronavirus, an average of 1,230 units are registered and they are inspected or reviewed around 4,400 people a day; informed the coordinator of municipal Civil Protection,  Eloy Ruiz Gastélum.

He commented that on the first day of the operation of the health brigade, on the first shift from 8:00 to 12:00 on the day, 500 units were registered and more than 1,500 people were checked; while in the second shift, from 4:00 to 7:00 at night, there was a record of 730 units and just over 2,900 people who entered Mazatlán were checked.

The sanitary filters were placed in the northern area of ​​the city, one at the height of El Venadillo and another one along Peche Rice Avenue, in Libramiento 2.

In the case of the southern zone, he clarified, it was agreed with the National Guard not to put a checkpoint since it is considered passing traffic.

More than 50 elements of the National Guard, municipal and state Public Security, Highway Police, Sedena, and Navy participate in the operation.

So far no one has been prevented from passing, but oriented yes, we have asked them to take care of themselves, to redouble efforts, that older adults and children should protect themselves and take care of them, that when they present any symptoms that come to their medical center

Eloy Ruiz Gastelum

He pointed out that the purpose of the sanitary filters is to make people aware, as well as guarantee that people from other regions of the state or outside the entity do not enter, with signs or symptoms of Covid-19.

The purpose is to raise awareness among people more than anything, to ensure that we are not receiving citizens who come from other regions of the state or out of state, with any characteristic sign or symptom of the Covid-19 virus 

Eloy Ruiz Gastélum

In addition to checking each person who goes through the filters, the vehicles are sanitized with fourth-generation polymers, people are oriented and leaflets and brochures are given.


The health status of people entering the city is reviewed, awareness of preventive measures, and vehicles are sanitized.


The Mazatlan Post