Baja Ferries staff fear COVID-19, they argue that prevention methods are not applied


However, internal security personnel clarifies that all prevention protocols are followed and that the entrances and exits are strictly supervised to further avoid the risk of contagion.

Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- Anonymous calls that have reached the newsroom of Reacción Informativa, where the staff working at the Baja Ferries shipping company, reveal that they fear for their health, since being a maritime terminal where most of the people who pass through these facilities are foreign, they could be carriers of the COVID-19 and they do not have the preventive measures such as using face masks, antibacterial gel, or keeping safe distance.

Given this personal security situation located in the main access of this port plant, he clarified to Reacción Informativa that all the prevention protocols are followed to send the risk of contagion.

As for us, they commented, we are taking all the preventive measures that the Ministry of Health has recommended, both to the entry and exit of personnel who work here as well as travelers, because until now they have not stopped the routes of the Ferries that transits between La Paz, Los Cabos, and Mazatlán.

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“We do not know where the complaint that preventive measures are not being applied could come from, there are sanitary checkpoints installed to check out and check in arriving travelers,”

They argued that there is strict control of access to the facilities, also of personnel who unload shipping products.


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