Sinaloa now suspends the sale of candy for parties


They seek to prevent people from gathering under any pretext and not respecting isolation

Mazatlan.- To avoid the temptation to hold a children’s party where many people congregate, Health authorities ordered to stop the sale of sweets to wholesalers in the state.

On a visit by PMX Portal, it was observed that some businesses closed the sale as of Friday afternoon after they were urged by state authorities to suspend the sale of candies.

The measure seeks to curb the intentions of the people of Sinaloa to carry out any type of party, in which many people congregate, as in the case of children’s parties, where multiple sweets are offered.

“They have just sent a statement from the authorities, ordering the suspension of wholesale candy sales, here the store will remain open because we also sell essential products, from the basic basket,” reported a candy store employee.

Since the start of the coronavirus pandemic, businesses in Mexico with non-essential activities were ordered to close.

On Sunday, the governor of Sinaloa, Quirino Ordaz Coppel, announced a dry law as of Monday, April 13, due to the fact that countless parties were detected in the state in which the healthy distance ordered by the health authorities was not respected.

Businesses with essential activities offer basic products or services, such as grocery stores, butchers, markets, as well as pharmacies, banks, and medical services, both general and dental.


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