Government of Concordia Sinaloa will apply a heavy hand to remove people from the street


The Police and Good Governance Side will be applied to people who walk in the street without essential activity and could be fined up to 2,600 pesos for ignoring

Mazatlán, Sinaloa .- The municipal president of Concordia, Felipe Garzón López, announced that to prevent the risk of a Covid-19 infection, prevention measures have been reinforced and in the next two will be applied with The Police and Good Governance Side is rigorous in order to reduce the number of people who walk the streets without business.

17 04 concord security

Garzón López, clarified, that this measure can in no way be qualified as a curfew, since the municipal government does not have the power to enact curfews, but they do have the power to apply the Police and Good Government Command.

“The police and good government side is very clear in its articles, which says that in situations of pandemics that put the health of the people at risk, our security elements can ask the citizen to go home, if not he is doing a merely essential activity, if we ignore it we can put a fine for the maximum order of 2,600 pesos, “he assured.

For this, he continued, we are going to spend a few days raising awareness among the population, but after this period, a heavy hand will be applied, to apply all the weight to people who do not want to understand the serious problem that exists in the municipality.


The Mazatlan Post