Airbnb Mexico limits its platform, only healthcare professionals


Airbnb is closing its digital doors in the face of quarantines and coronavirus (Covid-19) in Mexico. Last Monday (13) the news broke that it would no longer allow users to book residences on its platform in Mexico until April 30. There is an exception to this of course.

Medical personnel that are fighting Covid-19 will be allowed to use the startup’s marketplace.

Airbnb welcomes hosts that fulfill its safety and sanitation requirements to offer their properties to these doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals. To learn more about these standards, check out this page.

Likewise, the travel startup won’t charge its usual fee for the first 100,000 bookings made through this unique program throughout the world.

Santa Fe Skyline, CDMX (Photo: Archive)

As a result, the travel startup is complying with the Mexican government’s order to suspend all non-essential activities.

Source: Contxto

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