Mayor wants to close borders to foreigners who come to Guasave


They propose that there be access filters to the municipality with a medical check-up, as well as in the unions and police stations

Sinaloa .- To be more attentive to the entrances and exits of the city for greater control of COVID-19 cases, Juan Luis De Anda Mata called.

The member of the Citizen Council to Mitigate the Effects of COVID-19 in the municipality of Guasave said that due to the labor mobility that exists in the municipality, a more rigorous inspection of those who arrive must be established.

” That is very important because here in Guasave we all know that it is a region where there is a lot of employment going out to the border, in Sonora, and it is already arriving here in Guasave and that is a focus of possible coronavirus contagion, ” he said.


Previously, Mayor Aurelia Leal López had indicated that there is a serious problem in the state and that if they did not become more energetic, the situation would not be favorable.

” I think that the north and south zones have to be closed to check very well the people who are entering, people from the United States and other countries have already entered and nothing was done and in the municipality, it is time for us to let’s get more energetic and put some patrols in the north and south to see who we can count on, ”said Mayor Aurelia Leal López.

” People have come in. For example, a few days ago a truck from the United States entered bringing migrants who no longer have work there, and many things have escaped us from how the state has escaped, but therein lies the real problem, people have It is spreading, if we had closed the strategic areas things would have been different, many things were ignored and they see where we are right now . ”

Aspectos del Centro de la ciudad de Guasave(Foto: El Debate)

They keep partying

Another situation, he said, is that in police stations and unions more work should be done because people continue to organize and attend volleyball games.

” You have to have attention with the coordinator of police stations and unions so that he is more attentive, ” she said.

She said that the statistics should serve to continue working on raising awareness of citizens but that the most important thing is to take care of the entrances and exits of the municipality for greater control.


In this regard, the director of Health said that they cannot deny entry to anyone but that they can attend to them upon arrival in the municipality.

Seeing them with the clinics we have and giving all the guarantees to the doctors and nurses to carry out this work, that would be the best of all.

He explained that what has been done when receiving the report of the arrival of civilians is notified to the staff of the Ministry of Health and dispensaries to review them, so it is a matter of seeing the strategy to apply within the limits of the municipality. 

 It is not a matter of demonizing anyone or banning them, we simply have to do things with a well-thought-out health strategy, free from contagion and not let Coepris’ forecast be real .”


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