“El Chapo pantries” delivered to senior citizens during COVID-19 crisis


The eldest daughter of the drug trafficker Joaquín Guzmán Loera delivers ‘el chapo pantries’  to the elderly.

Regalan despensas a nombre de “El Chapo” - Noticias Locales

Alejandrina Guzmán created the clothing brand Chapo 701, which is made by prisoners from the Puente Grande prison, Jalisco, under which they sell caps, jackets, belts, wallets, shoes and even lighters.

Julio Campos, CEO of Chapo 701, mentioned that with these actions, in addition to helping, they want people to no longer point to the brand as the group of drug traffickers, as the group of organized crime.

The boxes in which basic basket products are delivered, such as beans, oil, among other items, have the effigy of the famous former leader of the Sinaloa Cartel.

However, according to Alejandrina Guzmán, the aid they distribute is bought with the profits of her company and has nothing to do with the Cartel.

“Chapo 701” refers to the number with which the drug trafficker comes out as one of the richest men on the Forbes list.

According to Alejandrina, with the profits of her brand, she created a foundation to help those most in need.

Entregan “Chapo despensas” en Guadalajara — Noticias en la Mira

People, despite associating aid with organized crime, are happy to receive aid because they consider it an act of charity.

Source: reporteindigo.com, noreste.net, rasnoticias.mx

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