1,200 doctors are needed in Sinaloa to face the COVID-19 pandemic


238 doctors specialists, mostly pulmonologists and epidemiologists

Sinaloa. -Based on data obtained from the Ministry of Health in Sinaloa, public and private health institutions urgently require the hiring of more personnel, especially those with specialties that can handle the health contingency by COVID-19.

Among these, pulmonologists are required, since in the state there is a registry of four active who work for hospitals, an amount that is insufficient to meet the demand for patients with coronavirus that arrive daily; as well as epidemiologists who may be at the forefront of this disease, which has crossed the borders of all the countries of the world.

In addition, the deficit of specialist doctors is 238. In total there are a thousand 999 doctors specialized in different areas of health. 

The IMSS is the public health institute with the largest number, with a total of 1,248. While private hospitals barely manage to have 47 specialist doctors who may be at the forefront of this health crisis.

In the Civil Hospital of Culiacán, which became a COVID-19 hospital during the duration of the health emergency in the state, there is a need for 73 specialists, since it has 409, which are insufficient to meet demand in the different shifts. 

In the Nursing area, there is a shortage of 791 workers, despite the fact that there is a record in the state of 5 thousand 103 that were destined to attend to the cases of COVID-19, but these are insufficient since to provide good care the patient a nurse must attend a maximum of three people per shift, and faced with the deficit, there are those who attend to up to seven patients. 


In the state hospital reconversion status COVID-19, the Ministry of Health has determined that a total of 155 radiologist technicians are also required, since this area is essential to attend to all possible suspected or positive cases because with ray studies X can observe how the lungs are and determine if it is necessary, in severe patients, to put on the ventilator and help them breathe. 

In the COVID-19 hospital, there are hardly 9 technicians, and they require 16; while the Secretariat has in stock seven technicians who are distributed in the different General and Women’s Hospitals in the state. 

Social Security is the one with the largest hospital infrastructure. In this case, it has a total of 120 radiologists and requires 125 more; while the Issste has eleven, and requires five more. There are 44 technicians available in the private sector. 


The most essential medical equipment for treating coronavirus cases is the ventilator. Of these, there are 306 in the state, and 450 are urgently required, of which the health sector has announced that they are about to arrive. 

In the hospitals of the Ministry of Health, there are only 64 ventilators; 75 in the COVID-19 hospital and 220 are required; while the IMSS manages to have among all its clinics 76, and the Issste has 9, but requires 20 to meet the demand of his rightful claim. In private clinics, there are 82 ventilation teams, and they require 35. 

Another necessary instrument is a portable secretion aspirator, of which there is a deficit of 450, and of these 220 would be for the COVID-19 hospital. In the case of defibrillators, which serve to diagnose cardiorespiratory arrest, in Sinaloa, there is only 120 portable equipment, but the purchase of 202 is required, with greater need in the Issste, since it only has four equipment.

Another instrument is the laryngoscope, which allows access to the patient’s pharynx and makes the necessary revisions, which is why 338 are needed since in hospitals there are hardly 161.

Source: debate.com.mx

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