Puerto Peñasco (Rocky Point) under 24-hour Quarantine access restricted


APRIL 13, 2020

The measures also include city residents. The quarantine will be mandatory 24 hours and hours are reduced to establishments called essential

Puerto Peñasco, Sonora .- The Municipal Health and Safety Committee unanimously approved the expansion of restrictive prevention measures due to the health emergency due to  Coronavirus  ( COVID-19 ), among which the total restriction of access, including residents of Puerto Peñasco that come from other parts to the city for the next 15 days, and a mandatory 24-hour quarantine in the city, and only one person per private car can go out to carry out essential activities.

Mayor Kiko Munro reported that these new restrictions also contemplate the reduction of the hours of the establishments called essential, which must close from 9 pm, starting this Monday, April 13.

The president of Puerto Peñasco explained that, in addition to not allowing the presence of people on the street for non-essential activities, it is about shielding Puerto Peñasco from the virus with only one access to the city by the sanitary fence located on the Puerto Peñasco highway. – Plutarco Elías Calles, in such a way that no person may enter, including citizens who are residents of Peñasco and who live or have traveled to other places. Only people with medical emergencies or who work in the food chain will have access. 

Puerto Peñasco enters 24-hour curfew and restricted access- Rocky ...

Kiko Munro explained that the essential activities are:

  1. Acquisition of food, pharmaceuticals, and basic necessities.
  2. Assistance to health centers, hospitals, health centers or an establishment with essential activity.
  3. To the workplace, only if it is an essential activity, which must be accredited.
  4. To provide assistance and care to older adults, dependent minors, people with disabilities or especially vulnerable.
  5. Go to the bank.
  6. Return to the habitual place of residence after carrying out any of these activities.

“We know that the participants in the operation are tired, anxious and even desperate, because the response from the public, although it has been very acceptable, is still lacking; so we should not let our guard down, because until now we have been defeating the COVID-19 without confirmed cases in Puerto Peñasco, ”said Kiko Munro.

He added that personal observation was also decreed, consisting of close health supervision of the suspected coronavirus carriers, in order to facilitate the rapid identification of contagion or communicable disease, which will be carried out by duly authorized medical personnel, at the domicile of the alleged carrier. 

The current situation, he said, forces to redouble efforts because they want to continue having this municipality clean, especially because neighboring municipalities and states are having a difficult time, as is the case of the neighboring municipality of San Luis Río Colorado and the states of Baja California and Sinaloa, here in Mexico; and Arizona and California in the United States.

He regretted that in days gone by there were people who insisted on celebrating Easter with some meetings in houses, but that has to end because the most critical part regarding this pandemic is still missing; because this week and the one that follows will be key for Puerto Peñasco.

The president of Peñasco warned that, in the event of unwarranted contempt of the quarantine, sanctions will be applied, consisting of a fine, arrest for up to 24 hours and use of public force if necessary, as established by the Police and Good Government.

The municipality pointed out that the expansion of preventive measures by the Sanitary Emergency of the coronavirus pandemic  will be monitored and sanctioned by dependencies of the Municipal Government, in coordination with the other authorities of the State and Federal Governments, in matters of public health and safety. .

Source: debate.com.mx

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