Canceled! Due to coronavirus, Mazatlan is left without the Cattle Fair 2020


Feria Ganadera Mazatlan 2020

The Organizing Committee reported that the cancellation occurs to meet the recommendations of the authorities since it is unknown when the health landscape in the country changes

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- Due to the situation the country is experiencing due to the coronavirus pandemic, the 25th edition of the Mazatlán Cattle Fair has been officially suspended, with it the series of presentations at the Teatro del Pueblo and El Palenque, which It had been presented as a novelty this 2020.

In a press release issued by the Palenque Vívelo Mazatlán 2020 Livestock Fair Committee, the total cancellation of the event is explained, since there are no conditions in the country and the entity to carry out the previously scheduled events from 21 to 31 December. May, with stellar presentations by artists such as Gerardo Ortíz, Paquita la del Barrio, Marisela and Christian Nodal, among others.

The organizers emphasize that the situation Mexico is experiencing due to the pandemic goes beyond health problems since the quarantine has left thousands of Sinaloans unemployed, making it difficult to call for assistance, in addition to the fact that the artists themselves have indicated that they do not They want to put their health at risk, especially after the government indicates that this pandemic could take several more months to be controlled in the country.

The statement prioritizes the economy of the attendees, as well as their health, which is why they hope in the future to carry out the organization of an event of the same level that was planned, as long as there are sufficient sanitary conditions to prevail the integrity of people.

It was also reported that for all those who have purchased their ticket for any of the palenques, this will be reimbursed throughout the month of July, starting from 02, in a module that will be installed in the Great Plaza with hours of 10:00 at 20:00.


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