Inhabitants of northern Sinaloa refuse to follow COVID-19 recommendations


Police detected several people walking on the beaches of Bellavista

Guasave, Sinaloa.- Personnel from the various security corporations of the three levels of government continue surveillance by air in tourist areas and ceremonial centers in the North-Central area of ​​the state, being during one of said overflights that they detected people in ATVs on the beaches of Bellavista.

09 04 guasave beaches inhabitants covid19

People were riding in ATVs, so staff from the Ministry of National Defense, Secretariat of the Mexican Navy, National Guard, State Preventive Police and Municipal Police were notified to come to the place by land.

Upon arrival at the site, the uniformed officers of the three orders of government addressed those who were on board the ATVs who did not follow the established health instructions, to ask them to withdraw and remain in their homes, and thus avoid contagion from the virus on them and their families.

09 04 guasave beaches inhabitants covid19

In addition to this, surveillance tours were carried out in the vicinity of ceremonial centers and patrolling with intercoms in the city and communities of the state has not been stopped, to avoid concentration of people and spread the virus.


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