The Governor of Sinaloa confirms the closing of commercial shopping centers on April 7


The measure is reinforced because, despite the insistence on staying home, many people have taken this period as a vacation, regardless of whether the virus is in the state and is growing rapidly.

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Sinaloa.- Unfortunately “there are people who still do not believe that this is a very contagious virus, and that if one moves, the virus will also”, lamented Sinaloa Governor Quirino Ordaz Coppel.

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Given this, he said, prevention measures will be reinforced starting Tuesday, April 7 with the closure of all the centers and shopping malls of the entity.

“It is a very dangerous virus but some people do not believe and if people move, the virus moves, before it, in addition to the measures already established, we are going to close the shopping centers, because people continue to gather, people continue to go; Despite the fact that some shops closed, we are going to prevent them from being opened and to shopping centers and squares to avoid concentration and protect the life and health of the people, ”he indicated.

In a message to Sinaloans from a textile company where mouthguards will be produced in support of the health sector, among others, the governor reiterated that the beaches and spas are already closed.

However, he regretted that there are still those who think that this quarantine is a vacation, so he asks them to become aware.

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“I turned around Altata, saw sports boats circulating and asked Civil Protection to invite the owners to prevent them from leaving, that this should be closed because we have to avoid the spread of the virus. I ask for support for these days that are not holidays, that we get together, we are united at home, well protected, we have suffered and had difficult episodes, adverse circumstances but we can get ahead and strengthened.

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Finally he said that “the virus is in Sinaloa, it grows fast and we have to avoid it, so the way to beat it is to be at home, to support older adults, especially those who are vulnerable,” he concluded.


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