Sinaloa students are stranded for a month at Spains airport


At the last minute, the airline canceled the flight they both had to reach Mexico City and rescheduled it for a month from now.

Javier Ramírez Mercado and Cristian Eduardo Sánchez Rodríguez, both students from the Autonomous University of Sinaloa are stranded at the Madrid Spain airport when they want to return to Mexico due to the Covid-19 contingency.

The mother of one of the young people, María Luisa Mercado, stated that they are stranded at the Madrid airport, they canceled at the last minute the flight to Mexico that they had scheduled for today, Saturday, even though the airline confirmed the departure of the flight on several occasions. , it was canceled and they were informed that it will be rescheduled for May 4, which keeps their relatives in despair.

” I am worried about them, they are in a city with health problems, in a city they do not know and where they do not have so much excess food, there are no masks, there are no gloves, there is nothing, ” said María Luisa.

The concern of the mother and the young people is that they were in Santiago Campostela doing a Student internship and thinking that if they could travel they left there despite the fact that they knew that they could no longer return because of the train that goes to Santiago would leave

Given this, they were very surprised and concerned when they were told at the last minute that their flights were being canceled because now they have nowhere to go. 

She made calls for help to the UAS authorities, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Embassy to help young people.


The Mazatlan Post