A dangerous family member of the Beltrán Leyva Cartel detained in Merida


Wanted across the country for the crimes of kidnapping, extortion, and drug trafficking.

MÉRIDA, Yucatan.- A convoy of more than 10 units of the State Police intervened in the arrest of a well-known gangster at the gates of a private residence, on Tuesday afternoon.

According to what was found at the scene, Eduardo GBG, 37, who is an alleged family member of the well-known drug traffickers Beltrán Leyva Cartel, was driving the Explorer Limited van through the Peripheral Ring and at the height of the “City” shopping center. Center ”was reached by a patrol from the Ministry of Public Security, whose elements asked him to stop; however, the order was not obeyed and Explorer continued its journey towards Chablekal until it reached 88th street between 25 and 25-A of the Algarrobos subdivision, where the private Porto Belo is located.

The detainee would be a relative of the leaders of the Beltrán Leyva Cartel, a criminal organization.

Despite the fact that the boom had already been raised for the Explorer to enter, the driver was intercepted and lowered by the elements of the police, who searched the truck and the subject, who, trying to resist the arrest, was subjected and put on a patrol.

The neighbors left scared without knowing what was happening and after seeing what was happening they decided to return to their homes.

The subject had to be submitted by several agents. 

According to our files, Eduardo GBG is nationally booked for kidnapping, extortion, and drug trafficking.

In 2013 he was arrested in Yucatan for being one of the leaders of the mafia that trafficked sea cucumber in the state.

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The Beltran Leyva Cartel

The Beltrán Leyva brothers were in charge of two groups of murderers known as “Los Pelones” in the state of Guerrero and “Los Güeros” in the state of Sonora, who carried out murders in favor of the Sinaloa Cartel. Starting in 2010, the organization was divided into small organizations that worked in a decentralized manner.

Alliance with Los Zetas

In May 2008, the Beltran Leyva brothers and several of its agents joined Los Zetas , so May 30, 2008, the government of the  USA classified the Beltrán Leyva brothers under the ‘Kingpin Act’ to legally interfere with their financial structure, money laundering and do everything possible to assist in their arrest

The Beltrán Leyva brothers have been extending their power through the use of force through Edgar Valdez Villarreal (“La Barbie” or “El Tigrillo”) in Guerrero, Chiapas, Querétaro, Quintana Roo, Nayarit, Sonora, Tamaulipas, State of Mexico and the Federal District. This member is the executing arm and responsible for countless deaths and settling accounts, and he is credited with the death of the Cancun general, Enrique Tello Quiñones

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