Why does Mexico have so few coronavirus cases in relation to the USA?


Mexico announced on Wednesday April 1st, that there are 1,378 cases of coronavirus in the country, but why does it have so few cases compared to its neighbor the United States?

The United States has already surpassed 200,000 cases of coronavirus in the entire country. The situation is still alarming for the North American country, which still expects the worst to come in the next two weeks, at least that’s what president Donald Trump expressed.

Despite all this, the neighboring country, Mexico, barely registers 1,378 positive cases of coronavirus on Wednesday April 1st, something that has drawn a lot of attention worldwide. Why does Mexico have so many fewer cases , if it is right next to the United States?

The state of California has than 8,000 cases, while its neighbor in Mexico, Baja California, only has 37. Arizona has reported more than 1,300, but its neighbor Sonora has only 18.

Why does Mexico have so few cases?

The first key is that Mexico detected its first coronavirus case on February 27th, that is, one month after the first one was detected in the US.

However, health experts assure that Mexico surely has more cases than those reported by the Ministry of Health. The Mexican government has developed an unorthodox strategy that consists of conducting fewer tests and relying on the disease model to try to stop the pandemic.

According to the Undersecretary of Health of Mexico, Hugo López-Gatell, this is in order not to create panic in the people, and for this reason it is better to take measures, without alarming the population, as in other nations.

Is Mexico’s strategy effective?

Experts fear for Mexico. And it is that unlike other countries, Mexico keeps airports in different states open, so many experts assure that it could get even worse than in New York or Italy, in addition to the fact that evidence cannot always be hidden.

Source: us.as.com