Sinaloa Governor orders all beaches closed


Governor Quirino Ordaz Coppel met with all the municipal presidents where this measure was agreed, calling on the citizens to participate in the actions of social distancing

In a consensus with the 18 municipal presidents, during the session of the State Health Council on the occasion of COVID 19, the agreement was made to close all the traditional beaches and spas, such as rivers, parks and lagoons, with the purpose to contain the Coronavirus pandemic, as one of the measures to do this is to prevent the crowding of people, which occurs in a massive way during this period of Easter and Easter that starts from Wednesday.

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It should be noted that said agreement was made after listening to all the mayors who spoke in favor from the first moment, such as the cases of the municipal presidents of Mazatlán, Navolato, Culiacán, Ahome, Escuinapa, and Rosario, in addition to the representative of Guasave, all of the coastal municipalities and that concentrate the traditional recreation points of thousands of Sinaloans who turn to the beaches every year to spend this holiday period.

The agreement not only includes the 600 kilometers of beach area, but also the places where traditionally there is a concentration of people in water parks, rivers, fords, recreational parks, lagoons and dams, this in municipalities that lack a beach, such as El Fuerte, Badiraguato, Cosalá, Concordia and Choix, since these places are the only alternative for their inhabitants.

“We have decided to close the beaches of Sinaloa, as well as the water parks, fords, and everything that is recreational parks, because they attract a lot of concentration of people. It is a difficult decision, very complicated, painful, but we must privilege above all the health of the Sinaloans; We know that we are going to get ahead but for this we need to make a sacrifice right now because we are facing a very aggressive virus, where the contagion is very fast and where the cases have been growing. We have to do everything to avoid it, and the way to do it is to stay at home, thank you very much for your support, I know that the people of Sinaloa will understand it, they will understand it and we will leave very strengthened, “he said in a message via from their social networks right after the meeting, next to the Health Secretary, Efrén Encinas Torres,

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During the meeting with the mayors, Governor Ordaz Coppel said that it is a firm measure to prevent access to beaches and spas, which will be supported by personnel from police corporations and municipalities, but reiterated the call to the population to stay home and not go out to these places this Easter, as they will be returned when they are closed.

“I feel very happy because it was a common decision, among all, I did not want to come and say: let’s see, this is it and now, but it was valued by everyone,” acknowledged the state governor.

The decision was also made to cancel the traditional indigenous ceremonies of San Miguel Zapotitlán, where each year more than 25 thousand people gather, mainly tourists from other states and abroad, to participate in the festivities of the May Yoreme culture. It was specified that a dialogue will be held with the traditional indigenous governors so that with all the responsibility that the case implies, they abide by this provision since it is about preventing possible imports of Coronavirus infections.

Ordaz Coppel reiterated once again his call to the population to stay home, because according to specialists, the next two weeks are critical in the evolution of the pandemic, not ruling out an increase in the number of infections.

In this regard, the Health Secretary, Efrén Encinas Torres, released within this State Council the news of the death of the fourth person due to COVID 19, which is a male person who remained hospitalized in Los Mochis .

Regarding the update of figures, he reported that at a national level there are already 1,378 positive cases of Coronavirus, and in Sinaloa, 10 more cases are added, to reach 36 confirmed active patients until 7 pm on Wednesday, 70 current suspects and the completion of 300 samples.


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