Mazatlan COVID-19 increases and contain families in their homes during the day, but at night the panorama looks different


Mazatlán, Sinaloa. – As different as it is the day of the night, this was the attitude that the Mazatlecos showed yesterday before the health alert generated by the COVID-19 pandemic.

In the day, the coastal area was desolate, without tourists or passers-by, but the situation changed radically as soon as the sun began to decline. At night, some tourist areas, such as Olas Altas, became a pilgrimage, with the influx of hundreds of families who walked carefree and groups of friends who chatted while listening to music and sharing amber drinks.

Stay at home

Sunday had started very quietly. Laura Tiznado explained that every Sunday she met as a family at her mother’s house.

But the news that in Mazatlán there were already three confirmed cases of COVID-19, left them very scared and the desperate call of the federal undersecretary of Health, Hugo López Gattel, to stay at home, “is to take it into account,” highlighted the woman. 

Malecon Olas Altas

On a tour of the city during the Sunday morning and afternoon, it was detected that the center of the city was deserted.

The avenues with the largest circulation, such as Luis Donaldo Colosio, the Mexican Army, Juan Pablo II, and the Malecon presented little traffic.


Little activity

In the center, dozens of businesses woke up closed, and those that were open were observed almost alone.

In charge of some shops explained that two to three customers arrive in the morning and the same thing in the afternoon.

They leave because they have to work and will be there until the bosses tell them otherwise. 

Olas Altas

A pilgrimage

At night, the debate newspaper did another tour and the panorama was different. The boardwalk had filled with carefree passersby along the shoreline as the cool air blew. There was no fear, no one wore a mask, laughed, drank or kissed.


The Mazatlan Post