In Sinaloa, no hospital or private clinical laboratory is approved to perform the Covid-19 test


Jorge Alan Urbina Vidales says that they review and train hospitals and private laboratories to release a diagnostic test for coronavirus

So far, no hospital or private clinical laboratory in Sinaloa has the approval to carry out the test to diagnose Covid-19 openly to the population, Jorge Alan Urbina Vidales warned in a press release.

The head of the State Commission for the Protection against Sanitary Risks of Sinaloa (Coepriss) reported that the Covid-19 diagnostic test, applied by the public sector throughout Mexico, was developed by the Institute of Epidemiological Diagnosis and Reference (InDRE) and transferred with an opportunity to state diagnostic laboratories.

Therefore, he explained, the diagnostic tests, before their commercial introduction in the country, must be preliminarily evaluated by the InDRE, with the aim of avoiding false positives or negatives that may cause greater ills to the population.

He stressed that those interested in introducing diagnostic tests should contact the Evaluation Coordination, and subsequently the InDRE will carry out a preliminary evaluation of its reagent; if the result of the evaluation is favorable, the procedure for obtaining the health record may be entered; For this, you must enter your dossier, plus the document, with the favorable result and you will be granted a white letter. “InDRE will publish a list of those tests that can be commercialized in the private sector to obtain the diagnosis of Covid-19,” said Urbina Vidales.

He specified that the federation conducts a scrupulous review and training of private laboratories that intend to independently test Covid-19.

“Private laboratories that could perform the Covid-19 test must meet biosecurity parameters for patients, to avoid exposing it to other users of the facilities and this is being monitored by Cofepris,” he said.

“These permits are not easy to obtain because they are taking care of all the advances obtained to obtain accurate diagnoses,” he said, anticipating that Profeco will regulate and put the order in prices in the private sphere since in the Health Sector the trial is free.

On the other hand, Jorge Alan Urbina Vidales asked the public to ignore announcements that offer rapid tests for the detection of Covid-19 in private laboratories since the only one authorized to carry out this diagnosis in Sinaloa is the State Laboratory of Public Health.

He argued that Coepriss has already addressed letters to the owners, representatives and / or legal representatives and health managers of the clinical analysis laboratories of Sinaloa to establish that diagnostic tests for Covid-19 should not be carried out without authorization and training from InDre and Cofepris .

“All diagnostic equipment must have a Sanitary Registry issued by Cofepris and have the quality control characteristics required and that allow the exact, effective and sensitive identification of the pathogen being studied,” he said.

He emphasized that as part of the coronavirus pandemic prevention and control strategies, the Institute of Epidemiological Diagnosis and Reference (InDRE) authorized in Sinaloa the State Laboratory of Public Health (LESP) to carry out the diagnostic tests of Covid-19 for epidemiological surveillance purposes.

Urbina Vidales explained that laboratories must apply prevention measures and the corresponding distance, in addition to having disinfectant gel and sanitary services with running water and soap.

Finally, he mentioned that Coepriss, complying with the provisions issued by the Ministry of Health, will keep its Comprehensive Services Center (CIS) open.

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