“AMLO’s visit to Sinaloa amidst a coronavirus pandemic is just reckless” (Sinaloa Rep.)


“AMLO’s visit to Sinaloa during a coronavirus pandemic is just reckless”, declared Sinaloa Congress Representative Roxana Rubio.

Roxana Rubio described as reckless the visit of the President of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador to the state of Sinaloa.

López Obrador durante su paso por Sinaloa(Foto ilustrativa El Debate)
López Obrador during his last visit to Sinaloa | Photo El Debate

Sinaloa.- The visit announced by AMLO to Sinaloa, next Sunday, was classified as reckless and unaware of the emergency situation the country is going through, due to the Covid-19, by representative Roxana Rubio (from the PAN political party).

Roxana Rubio

The PAN legislator sustained the reasons of AMLO’s visit are totally unjustifiable, and then she added; “The president is reckless, he comes to our state because he considers that a good idea, but the only thing he is doing is spreading the virus even more, since, it is evident that he refuses to abide any prevention measures or protocols.

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