10 Affects generated by the Covid-19 health alert in Mazatlan


The main economic effects have been derived from the absenteeism of tourism in the municipality

Mazatlán.- The alert by the Covid-19 has caused economic damages in most sectors of Mazatlán, derived from precautionary measures, such as the cancellation of the arrival of cruise ships, the closing of bars, restaurants, among other establishments, and the Mazatlán Aquarium.

The reduction of tourist influx on the beaches of the municipality, the decrease in passengers at the airport and low hotel reservations have caused the temporary closure of some lodging centers, which in turn have been used to carry out maintenance work. After the last scheduled flight from Canada, the economy of the tourism sector will be generated mainly.

In addition, the sale of groceries in commercial stores has had to be dosed, where a maximum of three products are indicated per person.

One of the effects that were generated during the alert situation was the increase in the prices of some vegetables for daily consumption.

10 Affects generated by the Covid-19 health alert

  1. Cruise ships
  2. Clubs
  3. Aquarium
  4. Low influx
  5. Decrease flow
  6. Cancellations
  7. Jobless
  8. Flight suspension
  9. Overhauls
  10. Food increases


The municipal president Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres was questioned as to whether there were new instructions given the recent preventive campaign at the federal level, to which he replied that they are the same as those previously held.

However, he stressed that the only one that was not followed was the case of the tianguistas, who did not comply with the instructions to decrease the number of vendors by 50 percent to prevent risks of contagion by Covid-19.

So they spoke with the senior officer to request that the recommendation be enforced next week.

In the case of the hotels that have closed for this period, he assured that it is not due to having any kind of problem, but rather that they take advantage of the maintenance of the facilities for Easter.


The possibility of closing businesses to quarantine as a recommendation at the federal level in case phase 2 is declared in the Preventive Plan against the Spread of the Coronavirus in Mexico, could bring a severe crisis for the private sector in Sinaloa, according to authorities. of the National Chamber of the Restaurant and Seasoned Food Industry (Canirac).


On the subject of investment, the secretary of Economic Development, Tourism and Fisheries, David González Torrentera, explained that he will not be threatened in the municipality by the sanitary circumstances of the Covid-19.

The investment issue does not stop as such. It has been developing, they are issues that do not have much to do with this (the health crisis).

In the meetings held with the cruise leaders, it was specified that there are some areas that are affected more than others. Among the latter would be tourist guides because with the health alert, the influx is minimal.

The official pointed out that they were almost 100 tourist guides that were left without operating on the days of cruises.

This is how Mazatlán, Sinaloa looks after a coronavirus alert

The streets look deserted, few cars circulate
The streets look deserted, few cars circulate

The coronavirus or Covid-19 pandemic has alerted everyone, in Sinaloa preventive health measures have already been taken and this is how Mazatlán looks

Cinemas closed due to Covid-19 alert
Cinemas closed due to Covid-19 alert
The Great Plaza looks almost empty
The Great Plaza looks almost empty
Near the north exit of Mazatlán
Near the north exit of Mazatlán 
This is how the parking lots of some shopping centers look
This is what the parking lots of some 
shopping centers 
look like.
Plaza Del Mar
Plaza Del Mar
Shopping centers are almost empty
Shopping centers are almost empty

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