Mazatlan’s Grupo Pinsa conducts strict biosecurity and prevention program against Covid-19


Pesca Azteca, a Mazatlan based company with more than 35 years of experience in tuna fishing and commercialization, is implementing a strict prevention and biosecurity program against Covid-2019 in coordination with the Ministry of Health through the State Commission for the Protection against Risks Sinaloa Sanitary Ware (COFEPRISS).

Commissioner Jorge Alan Urbina Vidales reported that the companies of the PINSA Group implemented this plan to continue with food production and be able to meet the national demand in these contingency times, but always preserving the health and safety of all employees, specifying that in addition to verify the prevention operation and biosecurity program, COFEPRISS provides training to the Group’s personnel and the crew of the Pesca Azteca vessels to stop the spread of Covid-19, observing the application of the protocols and keeping the proper hygiene management.

On March 23, they carried out a verification visit led by Dr. Víctor Hugo Sánchez Malof, Undersecretary of Medical Care, representing the Secretary of Health, Dr. Efrén Encinas Torres, and Miguel Ángel García Gómez, COFEPRISS coordinator at the southern area, accompanied by health personnel who also reviewed the production, conservation and distribution processes of the product in its different commercial lines. Additionally, training and awareness talks were conducted for PINSA workers, including the crew of Pesca Azteca’s fleet of vessels, which is the largest tuna fleet in Latin America.

The Covid-19 epidemic is a global reality that we cannot ignore, so, aligned with the recommendations made by health agencies and being consistent with the policies and values ​​dictated at Pesca Azteca, the health and safety of employees is Priority number one, the program consists of the following:

    Cancellation of corporate meetings, courses, events and celebrations, exhorting employees to do Home Office in case their work allows it.
    Cancellation of work trips, inviting employees to do the same with personal trips.
    Strong communication campaign, spreading precautionary health measures such as good personal hygiene practices, avoiding contact with people, use of antibacterial gel and disposable tissues, among others.
    Voluntary quarantines for collaborators who have traveled to high-risk places such as the USA and Europe.
    Maintenance personnel are constantly sanitizing workstations and boats at sea. Likewise, stations with antibacterial gel were placed for use by all collaborators.
    Medical office personnel are making filters at the entrance of the company, measuring the temperature of the collaborators every day and ensuring that everyone has the appropriate health conditions to work. The crew have a special assessment on boarding, which includes, in addition to a medical examination, an interview to assess the level of risk to which they have been exposed during their stay. Any suspected contagion is sent home with medical evaluation and follow-up.

In the specific case of crews, precautions are also being taken:

    Medical check-ups are done before the crew leaves and upon arrival
    Vessels undergo deep sanitation before going on a trip. Stations with antibacterial gel were also placed for use by all the crew.
    As they are fishing boats, they do not go to any other port than the company, so once they leave, they are not at risk of contact with other people.
    Constant communication is made with them, spreading precautionary health measures such as good personal hygiene practices.
    They have an internet connection open at certain times, so they can be in constant communication with their families, ensuring that they are in good health.

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