Mazatlan City officials insist on keeping everything open despite orders to close due to coronavirus


18:00 miércoles, 25 de Marzo de 2020

If the mayor does not give the instruction, the bars, clubs, gyms, and cinemas will continue to be open says the city representative

Resultado de imagen de quimico benitez mazatlan
Mazatlan Mayor  Luis Guillermo Benitez Torres

Certain restrictions apply, such as being at 50 or 60 percent of its capacity due to the risk that COVID-19 represents, Javier Lira González clarified.

Resultado de imagen de oficial mayor Javier Lira González
Oficial Mayor Javier Lira González

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- The senior officer Javier Lira González maintained that if the mayor or the Municipal Health Council do not give the instruction to close bars, cinemas, gyms, and places with a greater crowding of people, all will continue to work normally.

But certain restrictions do apply, such as being at 50 or 60 percent of its capacity due to the risk posed by phase two of the COVID-19 virus, the local official said.  

“On the part of the municipality until yesterday a statement was sent to them that they were going to be working with 50 percent of capacity, some and others with 60. And well, we are going to wait for the Municipal Health Council to meet and determine what they decide”

Official, but there is already a presidential decree that clubs, bars, cinemas have to be closed?

“I am aware of what the decree says, but I will wait for the municipal president to give me directions,” he said.

Finally, he clarified that, according to the report of the Subdirectorate of Commerce of the Official Office, most of these businesses have been empty anyways in recent days because people have been staying at home. 


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