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How much toilet paper do you need for a quarantine?

They develop a tool against excessive purchases of the product, unleashed by the coronavirus pandemic

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Although it is not a priority item due to the expansion of the coronavirus, excessive purchases of toilet paper are registered around the world.

But how much toilet paper do you need to survive the pandemic during a quarantine? 

A Software Development student, Ben Sassoon, and artist Sam Harris, who live in London, created an online calculator to answer that question and help ensure there is no shortage of the important paper at your home.

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The page reports that more than five million people have used the calculator and that the average has 500% more paper than it needs for quarantine.

The calculator shows how long the toilet paper will last based on the rolls you have (the bar can be moved to adjust the units you have stored). A second bar shows how many times you go to the bathroom a day (calculates an average of three, but it can also be modified).

In addition to the days, it shows the percentage that the paper represents to cover the quarantine period (estimated in 14 days).

Thus, 10 rolls of paper with a use of the toilet three times a day will last 53 days, which would be 379% of what is required for the period of isolation. Three rolls would be more than enough for quarantine (114%). 

At the moment it is only available in the English language.

Custom calculation

To make a custom calculation, in the advanced options you can change the number of sheets of paper you use, as well as the sheets per roll and the days of the quarantine. It also allows for estimating the use of up to 10 people.

Click here to Calculate Your Toilet Paper Needs

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