Governor of Sinaloa orders temporary closure of cinemas, casinos, clubs, and bars.


 As a measure to prevent the spread of COVID -19 in the population, Governor Quirino Ordaz Coppel announced through a video in his official accounts a series of measures that will be applied in Sinaloa this Monday, avoiding crowds, as part of the national day of healthy distance, without meaning a total economic pause but only reducing activities.

In this sense, in a message that he offered to Sinaloa from the construction work of the General Hospital of Culiacán, he announced the suspension of activities in cinemas, casinos, dens, and canteens, temporarily.

To avoid the crowds of taxpayers in the Collection offices and in the USE, he informed that an extension of one more month will be given for the fiscal stimuli that the State Government had given for the month of March – which is 75 percent of discount on fines, fees and expenses – and likewise, it will be given until the last day of April for the expiration of the 2020 vehicle decal.

In this sense, the state president urged taxpayers to use online payment through the Digital Citizen platform, because through this technological tool they can pay for their procedures from the community of their home through a computer or their smartphone or tablet.

On the other hand, Quirino Ordaz Coppel indicated that with regard to the state public administration, job flexibility will be given to the vulnerable population, such as pregnant women and people with diseases that make them more vulnerable to absent from work. a possible spread of the virus, as well as people over 65 years of age.

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The Governor, together with the Health Secretary, Efrén Encinas Torres, took a tour of the construction of the General Hospital in Culiacán, where he observed that it is 80 percent complete and expressed that it will undoubtedly be a great work for the health of the Sinaloans as it is that recently opened in Mazatlán.

Regarding the latest report on the situation of COVID 19, Ordaz Coppel reported that there are 367 confirmed cases throughout the country, of which 3 correspond to Sinaloa, people who are stable, one of them is his daughter Silvana, who remains in isolation under medical care, as determined by the Health authorities.

In this framework, he announced that between the Government of Sinaloa and businessmen, they will acquire 100 new respirators, and his administration will additionally buy beds to have availability if necessary. In addition, it has requested that public transport take sanitary measures for users.

Finally, he reiterated the call to the Sinaloan population to remain calm, not to make panic purchases, to act with prudence and responsibility in the face of this contingency that will surely succeed.

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