90% cancellations reported in Rosarito Baja California


Cancellations of events in hotels in Rosarito scheduled for the months of March and April reach 90%, so significant losses are expected in the sector that could last for months, said César Rivera González, vice president of the Association of Hotels and Motels in the city.

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He said that this factor is due to the Covid-19, since many people are postponing their weddings, events, and meetings for other dates, but it is not known what percentage of these may be rescheduled.

Rivera González explained that the hotel sector is ready to operate with the sanitary measures dictated by the health sector since information is offered to visitors and antibacterial gel containers were also installed in the areas of the greatest influx in hotels.

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He mentioned that as part of these measures the restaurants have separated the tables and removed some, in order to comply with the recommended social distancing, but accepted that the percentages of hotel occupancy are not the best and that they will fall possibly more in the coming weeks.

He pointed out that it will be in about 3 or 4 months when the economic impact and its repercussions are known in a more real way, that the coronavirus will leave the tourist sector of Rosarito.

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Rosarito beaches register few visitors

Although the restaurants and bars in the first square of the city remained open, the absence of customers was more than noticeable.

Rosarito beaches register few visitors. (Carmen Gutiérrez)

The sun made a presence in Rosarito but the beaches seemed almost deserted during the Saturday day and although the restaurants and bars in the first square of the city remained open, the absence of customers was more than noticeable.

On the beach, there were few street vendors that became visible, the umbrellas and chairs that commonly cover large spaces in the beach area, remained tied in the vans that are used for their transportation, due to the lack of customers.

In a tour carried out by FRONTERA , it was found that the alerts for the Covid-19, have been effective since the streets look at least in the Tourist Zone, practically desolate, in counterpart, in the supermarket areas the presence of consumers continues.

So far, there has been no massive closure of businesses due to the health emergency and a large part of them, especially those located in shopping centers and on the main roads of the city.

Source: elimparcial.com

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