The rescued woman from Queretaro was saved by Mazatlan lifeguards


Elements of the Aquatic Salvage Squad of the Municipal Police managed to rescue a woman in time who was dragged by the currents of the sea.

The event was recorded this Saturday afternoon in the beach area of ​​Avenida del Mar, in front of a well-known condominium tower.

Around 4:00 p.m., lifeguards on an inspection tour detected that a person had difficulty getting out of the sea, so they immediately helped her.

The agents managed to get her to the mainland and gave her first aid since she apparently took a swallowed some water.

She identified herself as Pueblito “N”, 60 years old, who is originally from Querétaro and reported that she suffers from high blood pressure and diabetes.

Red Cross paramedics also came to stabilize the tourist and transferred her to a hospital for medical attention.

Aquatic Squad rescues two other tourists in the Golden Zone

The tourists only showed fatigue, so there was no need to transfer them to the hospital.

Elements of the Aquatic Rescue Group of the Municipal Public Security Secretariat managed to rescue and safeguard two bathers who were washed away by the currents this Friday morning.

When they make a surveillance tour of the beach area in the city’s golden zone, around 10:50 am, ESA agents noticed that two people were being swept away by a sea current.

Immediately, the preventive agents entered the sea to their aid, and managed to rescue those who identified themselves as Valentina “N”, 13 years old and Graciela “N”, 33 years old, from Pachuca Hidalgo.

The tourists were only tired, so there was no need to transfer them to the hospital.

Heroes without a cape: Mazatlan surfers rescue three tourists from the sea

Last week 3 other tourist were saved by Mazatlan surfers

They went out as every afternoon to El Camarón beach to go to the sea and practice their favorite sport: surfing. But five young people never imagined that they would be the heroes of three tourists from Aguascalientes.
It was around five in the afternoon when they were waiting for a good wave to get on their board and fly, they realized that some people had been swept away by the storm surge.

Without wasting time they went to their aid, at the same time that a lifeguard also swam to the same place.

In a few seconds, they managed to rescue a woman and two men and take them to the beach where a doctor checked them out. They did not need to be taken to any hospital.

The saviors are Salvador Rodríguez Galindo, Carlos Valdez, saúl Bautista, Jesús Alberto Dueñas and Juan Portillo.


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