Sinaloa’s 1st daughter tests positive for coronavirus after returning from Washington DC


Quirino Ordaz Coppel’s daughter is isolated in the State of Sinaloa after testing positive for the coronavirus test.

 Sinaloa .- The daughter of the governor of Sinaloa, Quirino Ordaz Coppe l, Silvana Ordaz Fuentes tested positive for coronavirus. It has been commented that she returned from a trip from Washington DC in the United States and that she is isolated in an unknown address.

In a responsible act, the governor of Sinaloa released the information promptly through his official Facebook account.

On the other hand, the test was already applied to the entire family of the governor and all except her were negative.

Minutes after the news was released, it was confirmed that the recent confirmed case of the city of Culiacán is Silvana, 25 years old. While the first case of Los Mochis is a young man also 25 years old. In addition, it is highlighted that Sinaloa has two still suspect cases.

” Since the coronavirus situation began, I asked the Ministry of Health to report transparently, and consistent with my philosophy, I share with you that my daughter Silvana, who was in the USA, returned to Sinaloa, tested positive for Covid19 ” Quirino. 

Through the video, Ordaz Coppel pointed out that immediately after her return, the test was applied to her, while she was isolated, and after she was positive, he, Rosy Fuentes and her son Quirino, also applied the test, turning negative on them.

Source: el debate

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