Sinaloa has only 100 ventilators to attend Covid-19 patients


Regarding the two cases of Covid-19 in Sinaloa, both people are asymptomatic and isolated in their homes.

Given the importance of supplies such as ventilators in hospitals for the care of people with Covid-19, the Secretary of Health, Efrén Encinas Torres, acknowledged that in the state they only have around 100 units.

He indicated that with the resource provided by the federal government of 3,500 million pesos for the country, the purchase of supplies and ventilators for greater coverage is contemplated, however, he did not determine the amount.

Encinas Torres commented that Sinaloa has around 531 medical units in the state, with 3,500 beds in the state and only 123 intensive care beds.

He stated that hospitals have ventilators for the ordinary management of the pathology that it requires.

The Secretary of Health stressed that as care measures in hospitals, non-emergency surgeries will be rescheduled so that there will be the availability of beds for true emergencies that arrive in an ordinary way, plus the cases of Covid-19.

Right now we are making adaptation measures, it is called hospital reconversion, so that in some way increase the installed physical capacity, this means reducing scheduled elective procedures

Efrén Encinas Torre

As for the number of tests for coronavirus, he noted that the secretariat has around 160, an input that is to come in greater volume in the coming days.

Regarding the two cases of Covid-19 in Sinaloa, he added that both people are asymptomatic and isolated in their homes. So far there is no pending outcome for suspicious cases.

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