In Mazatlan, tourists have not yet been scared from its beaches, in spite of coronavirus fears


Currently, the tourist sector in Mazatlán works normally but with caution, and without reaching extreme measures as in other entities, hoteliers say.

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- Hotel reservations for Easter have been affected since there have already been several cancellations to postpone the occupancy for summer accommodation, reported the president of the Tres Islas Hotels and Motels Association in Mazatlán.

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For this reason, José Ramón Manguart Sánchez reported on the prevention measures that are being taken, according to the meetings that have already been held with the Ministry of Health and Tourism in the state.

“One hundred percent of the whites in the rooms have to be changed daily, precisely so that we have cleanliness in terms of any virus. To the people who arrive and register, we have recommendations to ask which countries they have visited in recent years. 14 days and will notify to the Ministry of Health. ”

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He pointed out that they will continue to follow the instructions entrusted to them since in Mazatlán the streets have not been patrolled to keep bathers away from the beaches, as happened in other entities of the country.

“I had to see some network issue, but I do not have official information about that, precisely we as a tourism sector have to be very responsible in adhering to the instructions of the authority on health issues precisely to join in those same efforts” .

For now, the representative of various hotels in the port said that you have to get ahead, take on the role that belongs to everyone, not panic and make calm decisions.

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