Northern Mexico says goodbye to the cold and welcomes the gusts of spring air


Between the night of today, Sunday and Monday, the entrance of the cold front number 43 awaits, in northern Baja California

Mazatlán, Sinaloa. – The head of the local Meteorological Service of Conagua, Hugo Nordahl Valdez, indicated that for the next four days, there will be little variation in morning temperatures, with a minimum of between 18 and 20 ° celsius and a maximum of between 28 and 32 ° celsius and these temperatures will generally be felt at noon and in the afternoon.

He added that the subtropical jet stream is affecting mostly the northwest of the country, with winds of 15-20 kph with probable gusts.

Nordahl Valdez, assured that high cloudiness will continue to enter, with no probability of precipitation.

Between Sunday night and Monday morning the entry of a new cold front is expected, which would be number 45, in northern Baja California, ended.

Source> conagua

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