Nearest pharmacy by Mazatlan’s New General Hospital is 2.3 kilometers away


Given this, users have had to organize and make orders to motorcyclists who can make trips to stock

Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- The New Mazatlan General Hospital is located in an area where there are few buildings around it and shops are scarce. There are not even pharmacies or stores nearby.

The closest business is a convenience store located at the intersection of Óscar Pérez Escobosa Avenue and Paseo del Pacífico Avenue, next to a gas station in front of a roundabout. Although medicines are sold in it, there is not a wide enough catalog, so some users must look for other options.

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In search of a pharmacy, we have to go to La Marina, the closest one is located inside a department store. However, it is 2.3 kilometers that separate both sites, which, according to the Google Maps application, can take a pedestrian up to 29 minutes to walk. It is worth mentioning that this branch is not 24 hours.

But if instead of heading towards La Marina you choose to continue heading on Avenida Óscar Pérez Escobosa, you will have to travel 2.9 kilometers until you reach a pharmacy in Real Pacífico.

Users comment that they are very long distances that not all patients can travel and that not everyone has a vehicle to travel. That is why they have had to organize and address motorcyclists who offer trips to supply patients.

They also commented that the home delivery of some companies is an option.

They also noted that there was a time where a person was carrying medicines in his van to sell them, but that the inspectors of the Senior Officials ran it and forbade him to settle in the place.

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Likewise, they denounce that stores, groceries, kitchens or stalls that offer food and drinks are needed, and insisted that the elements of the Chief of Staff have also applied a hard hand against the vendors who have tried to work and place themselves in the surrounding area. .

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