Mazatlan downtown sales fall due to lack of parking


In the last 2 weeks, sales at Pino Suarez have fallen to 70 percent

Mazatlan, Sinaloa. – The reduction in the perimeter of parking lots of the first square of the city has been a factor that has caused a decrease in sales of the Pino Suarez market, said tenant president Alejandro Bernal Reyes.

He said the clientele stops going to the commercial premises to prevent their vehicles from being taken by a crane or be entitled to a fine for leaving their cars in places that were not previously considered prohibited.

Unfortunately, we have received a lot of complaints from our customers, so that sales have gone down a lot and do not come from the chaos that originates from not having an area where they can leave their vehicles

Alejandro Bernal Reyes

For what happened, he said, the tenants are in uncertainty, because they are currently in defense of their rights to work through the concession they have for years, and now they have to contend with the disappearance of parking spaces.

Bernal Reyes, he said, at least 70 percent have decreased consumption, low that has to do with the lack of customers who do not have an area to leave their vehicles while making purchases.

Source: el sol de mazatlan

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