American influencer couple tests the danger of Acapulco


A couple of influencers traveled to Acapulco to experience how true the negative rumors are about the dangers that exist in the city.

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Acapulco Guerrero

They are Jordan, Maddie, and their pet Husky Laska who are dedicated to travel around the world and have been traveling Mexico for two years but, this time they are visiting Acapulco.

During the week of stay, the couple took walks along the coastal strip, revealing recreational spaces, gastronomy, weather, transportation, service, hospitality and everything that one can find day or night at the port through a Facebook live stream.

Later days, the influencers make the following publication on their website Tangerine Travels saying the following:

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In January 2018, we sold everything we had in the US. UU. (Except our hoarse Laska and what fit in our little Mandarin C3 Prius) to travel the world, starting with Mexico. Since then, we have been making travel videos about our life in Mexico and the new experiences we find while traveling the world. If you want to join our pranks, subscribe to our YouTube channel. You can also explore our social networks to find out what we do each week.

We are an American couple that has been traveling through Mexico for the past two years. One place everyone told us to avoid at all costs was the state of Guerrero, specifically Acapulco. However, we recently met some travelers who have been going to Acapulco, Guerrero for years. That made us wonder, is Acapulco REALLY one of the most dangerous places in the world?

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Discover what we think about safety/danger in Acapulco in this video, the first vlog we have done in the state of Guerrero. SPOILER ALERT: Acapulco is VERY different from the version you’ve probably seen in the news

This is just the first video of our miniseries in Acapulco, Mexico. Be sure to subscribe to our channel if you wish to watch the following:

What we did in this vlog of Acapulco Mexico:
– We enjoyed stunning sunsets surrounded by cheerful locals drinking beers and eating street food.
– We have tried the BEST Mexican food we have tasted (like the traditional pozole … mmm!)
– And we experience some of the most unique things we have seen, such as the “Disco Buses” that make their presence known as they rush by the Coastal.

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