Mexico boasts a growing tech industry that’s gaining momentum


I’ve heard many people say that Silicon Valley has moved outside of the US and towards Latin America.

It makes sense that this would happen because mass skill specialization often increases cost burdens within the economy and the background inflationary pressures can force industries to move out of a local market.

This also happened in the United States, where producers can’t afford local talent because of wage-related cost burdens.

Many producers now rely on outsourcing to Mexico, which doesn’t have huge time-zone burdens, doesn’t lack skilled developers and because of minimal language barriers.

Mexican technology firms actually constitute 55% of all Mexican exports and this share is expected to rise in the future. Since 2014, the sector has attracted nearly $120 million in investments and returns of as high as $21 billion are expected every year.

Assuming that this momentum continues, we’re looking at major economic growth in Mexico.

Source: EA

The Mazatlan Post