Mexico as an emergent economy


The concept of an emerging economy is commonly applied to many countries in Latin America. Brazil, Argentina and Mexico are the most commonly referred to as emerging economies, out of which Mexico stands out as one of the most promising. The country has a GDP per capita of just beneath $12000, has an HDI rating of 0.767 and it’s making pretty great headway in terms of reducing poverty.

These factors play a substantial role in the social and political stability of any country—Mexico is way past the point of being a risky nation. The administration has recently introduced policies to help improve the growth of entrepreneurship and to attract greater numbers of investors from around the world and these inflows are bound to change the tide very soon. 

As a contrarian investor myself, I believe that Mexico’s bumpy economic development is just the starting point of what will be a very prosperous road to financial growth. Anyone with a little financial acumen can tell that there is much potential that Mexico has to offer.

Notable Sectors To Invest In

One of the reasons for Mexico’s rise as an emerging nation is a thriving manufacturing sector. Most of the FDI comes in from Asia, Europe and the United States where people seek out cheap and a highly skilled labor force. It’s not often when a country offers high-quality labour in return for lower investments. It also cuts down the logistics costs because Mexico is literally the connecting point for North America. On either side of Mexico, you’ll find some very robust consumer economies.

Where South America has one of the highest population volumes in the world, North America has one of the richest countries in the world, the USA. Mexico is one of the largest trade partners with the United States and investing in the manufacturing sector will ideally place you to trade with American clients who pay hefty sums for Mexican manufactured goods. 

Source: EA

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